Are you trying to build outer barriers to prevent theft? Achieving Maximum Security is not difficult if you know how to do it. The following article will compare Chain Link Fence and Steel Fence.

Let us consolidate your first line of defense with sturdy fences. The article will discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Chain Link Fence and Steel Fence for you to choose easily. 

Steel fence vs chain link fence

Should I install a Chain Link Fence or Steel Fence?

One thing is for sure, fences and gates are the simplest way to get thieves to abandon the intention of stealing your property. Fences slow down thieves, making other lines of defense such as cameras and alarms work more effectively. But the problem is will you slow down the robbers are long enough for the police to make it in time? Different fence designs will give different results. The tubular steel fence and wire mesh fence systems, which are the most common types, have different characteristics for you to consider. Some of the criteria we will use to score are the level of security, the cost, the location, and the appearance of the fence. Without further ado, let’s fence off your property!

The Level of Security

The security level is the criterion that any owner is most interested in. Steel tube fence outperforms Chain Link Fence in this category because it makes it harder for thieves to pass. It is true that both tubular steel fence and wire mesh fence can block incoming vehicles and can prevent potential ground hazards. But the common chain link fences still have footholds that help thieves to climb easily. In contrast, ornamental steel fences remove every spot to make bad guys unable to scale. It can be seen that chain link fences do not provide as much protection as its counterpart. A simple way to overcome this disadvantage is to narrow the spaces between links to make them harder to grip.

The cost of the fences

Anyone who wants to protect their possessions needs an effective and affordable defensive layer. If you have a belt-tightening budget, you should choose chain link fences due to its material prices and installation cost. Types of tube fences vary in cost, but if you want to install steel fences, it will definitely cost more than chain-link fences.

The Terrain

This is yet another criterion that steel fence outmatches wire mesh fence. Why do we consider this factor? This is because the land around your property will affect the efficiency and installation cost of the fences system. The chain-link fence is suitable for flat areas. If you use this type of fence in elevate lands, you will spend a lot of money on installing them. Meanwhile, the steel fence always retains its effectiveness regardless of the terrain. We recommend the steel tube fence for uneven areas.

The appearance

This factor is fully evaluated on your preference. If you just want to keep things out of your land, a chain-link fence is a perfect choice for you. But it would not hurt if your home has a fancy-schmancy steel fence. Good-looking tubular steel fence will help your property more beautiful, easier to attract customers, and even more benefits. When using steel fences, you will be able to choose many different designs with corresponding prices. Chain-link fence has a plain appearance while the steel fence has lots of samples to offer. 

In conclusion

We believe that steel fences are more versatile than chain-link fences. Steel fences allow you to protect your property in style while its chain-link counterpart is better in saving money. We hope this analysis will help you choose the most suitable fence type for you.

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