Driveway gate and various types of entrance gates

The driveway gate is always considered the face of a house. A beautiful gate is often associated with quality, best material, and an affordable price. However, It is not always easy to know exactly what It does or what kind of gate to buy. The article includes everything necessary.

What is a Driveway Gate?

Black powder coated driveway swing gate HNSE that made in Vietnam

A driveway gate is a giant fence that is opened for cars, trucks, or any other kinds of vehicles to enter the driveway leading to the garage or the front yard of the house. A high gate will always bring a good vibe to the home. As the gate is entirely built and installed, It will undoubtedly flatter the owner. 

The process of assembling a gate is so much more complicated than expected. A single mistake can demolish the entire driveway gate. Therefore, knowing what to do and what to avoid is much essential.

  • Always make sure there is enough space
  • Joints must be secured
  • Schedule a checkup routine
  • Get the gate built by a reliable company.

Different types of Gates

When It comes to a driveway gate, there are various kinds of barriers that available, reliable, firm, and beautiful in terms of design. Below are the main types of gates that are currently available on the market.

Slide gates

This type of gate slides on wheels either from left to right or from right to left, depending on the owner’s wish. This driveway gate is not suitable for small spaces as It requires a lot of space to be able to work. There are also a few other kinds of slide gates to consider:

  • V Track Slide: This is the most reliable and the most popular type of slide gates It is considered to be firm. However, this may not be the best option if there is too much snow.
  • Rear pipe: This driveway gate works by the movements of the wheels that are mounted on the end of the gate, which is mounted to the fence panels.
  • Cantilever: This type works exceptionally well with snow and ice as It does not come with wheels that touch the ground; instead, the wheels are in a vertical post. This right allows the gate to move back and forth instead of sliding from left to right and vice versa.

Swing gates

Much like a standard door, this driveway gate can be opened by slightly pushing or pulling. This type of gate must be set back from the street or footpath to avoid hitting anything or anyone passing by. There are 2 common types of swing gates. The first gate is the single swing one, which is nothing different than the usual household doors. The second driveway gate is the double swing, which opens like a French gate. Whatever the type of swing doors that are being used, It should always be fitted on the flat driveways and should be kept under a certain width, 16” wide to be exact. In case the house is built on the hill, consider an uphill swing driveway gate to accommodate the slope.

Vertical pivot gates and vertical lift gates

In the case of space is a big issue, and then these two vertical gates will sure be the perfect answer. Instead of swinging inwardly or outwardly or sliding to both sides, this driveway gate rises vertically into the air above. The difference between pivot gates and lift gates is, the bottom of the pivot gates is tilted to point towards the sky, whereas the lift one is lifted straight up into the air above. If the buyers have enough money to afford, this driveway gate can work well, although It is often reserved for industrial uses.

As the gate represent the house, It is incredibly crucial to have It built carefully. You do not want to have an unstable driveway gate. Fortunately, our fences are known to be significantly firm, and if you are looking for a well-built and reliable, our products are the must-buy.