Fence decoration ideas for the Christmas season

Your fence is the perfect part for holiday decorations. Whether you have a wooden fence for your backyard or a simple picket steel fence in the front of your home, you could jazz it up with some Christmas decorations. Check out these fence decoration ideas for Christmas to inspire your design process.

1. Hang Welcoming Wreaths and Garland for Fence Decoration

Fence decoration idea for the Christmas season

Traditionally, this is the simplest work everyone can do to decorate your fence or gate. Garland and wreaths look great on most fence styles. They can also be used on front porch railings and other areas of your property. You can wrap the garland with lights so it shines at night, and during the day, the greenery will still look great against the pickets. Use the taller fence posts of a picket fence as anchor points for the garland, and let it hang down in the shape of a smile. Then you put wreaths at each point where two curves intersect, and you’ll be good to go!

2. Create Patterns with Christmas Lights

Colored lights are notorious to the festive season so be sure to use some in your fence decorating design. Fence lines are the perfect place to drape them over or you can weave them in and out of the garlands to make the greenery twinkle. String decorative light strings along the fence or create that icy Christmas look with icicle lights – this will help to create a white Christmas look with falling snow, especially great if you can’t experience it firsthand in the heat of the WA sun!

You need to use Christmas lights that are flexible enough to hang in any pattern, making them perfect for fence decoration. If you want to create shapes on the side of your fence, you can do that with lights. Be careful about the number of nails you use to secure the lights because you do not want to hard the structural integrity of your fencing. You could use removable hooks, as long as the adhesive is sticky enough for fencing. If not, you can use clamps or other tools to hang the lights without damaging your fence. During the process, you need to avoid scratching the powder-coated surface of the fences. Lost coating layers of protection, your fences can be easily corroded.

Christmas light for fence

3. Hang Large Outdoor Ornaments from Your Fence

Another fun fence decoration idea for the Christmas season is to attach some large ornaments to your fence. You can buy plastic balls that look like the small ones you may use on an indoor tree, but these are much larger and designed to withstand the external elements. Besides, adding some poster boards on your fence make it looks more vivid. Use fishing wire to keep the balls at different heights. The wire is clear and difficult to detect, so it will look like the balls are floating along with your fencing. If you live in an area with frequent exposure though, this may not be the best choice for you.

4. Hang a Christmas banner on your fence

With this idea, you can give Christmas wishes to everyone who sees the banner. The Christmas banner can be made from plastic, fabric, wood, or even hard paper, as long as you are sure they can stay under the weather. You could hang the banner with 4 ropes at 4 corners of the banner or use 2 sticks that are buried in the ground. Share happiness with everyone, your happiness will be bigger. Print or write some warm wishes to give them to everyone.

Christmas banner outdoor

5. Dress your front door up with some represent things

In addition to what you did with gates and fences, continue dressing your front door up.

For a cheap alternative, you can use garden-inspired Christmas decorations for your door by creating a leafy garland with pinecones, branches, brightly colored ribbons, and leaves. At night time, you should illuminate the decorations by entwining flashing Christmas lights through the garland. Moreover, your Christmas season can not be complete without Santa, reindeer, or snowy sled. Just place them at the front door, surely your house will look more impressive.

With some decorative fence tips above, we hope they are helpful for you and make your house lovely and significant. Either way, you and your family will have a wonderful time to prepare the Christmas season together. Best wishes to you and your family from all of us at HNSE.

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