Five popular fencing types in Vietnam

Five popular fencing types in Vietnam

The fact that you did not realize how many fencing types there actually were until you started finding one for your home’s new exterior design. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your right kind of fence such as cost, durability, aesthetics and availability…

The fence will not only play the key role of decorating, but also perform an essential task of security. The list below provides you the pros and cons of most popular fencing options in Vietnam, including aluminum, steel, wood, bamboo and wrought iron. 

Vietnam steel fencing

1. Steel Fencing

Its strength and durability makes steel an ideal material for a security gate or fence due to the fact that it can resist strong winds and threats like trees-falling, hence a strong steel gate/fence can last for decades. Vietnamese fencing manufactures have so much faith in steel, they also offer lifetime guarantee services for steel products. 

Steel fencing must be galvanized to be rust-proof, therefore, it is a bit more expensive due to professional installation and regular maintenance. Its weight also matters for your children, but now it becomes a minor consideration with modern gate hinges and latches.  

2.Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is a versatile metal and the aluminum-using actually overwhelms other kinds of metal. Unlike wood, aluminum fences do not require painting and it never rust like chain-link or wrought iron fencing.  Additionally, it’s super easy to clean, and the cost is reasonable!  

However, aluminum fences and gates provide a low-maintenance barrier, and this may affect your house privacy. It may only be a problem if you are worried about large animals/vehicles breaking or intruders. 

3.Wood Fencing

Wood can be painted or stained and is flexible to create your own customized designs. It also constitutes an affordable materials and installation costs that can match any budget. In case you need a natural look that blends in well with surrounding foliage, wood is the best. 

On the downside, wood fences start to show their age over time. A natural look gradually seems to be shabby and so does its painting coat. Furthermore, wood fences and gates are especially vulnerable to bugs and some kinds of mold and rot. Both home and wood fence manufacturers have to inspect the length of the fence, so as not to make the small problems spreading.

4.Bamboo Fencing

Beside wood, bamboo fencing is renowned as organic and environment-friendly. If wood maters you with rapid deforestation, then bamboo does not as it is a kind of grass and it grows back pretty fast. 

Unlike wood, over time, bamboo looks takes on a silvery sheen which is quite exotic. Plus, it requires very little maintenance and care. Why did I say bamboo is environment-friendly? Because it absorbs carbon dioxide and toxic gases, hence reduces pollution. Furthermore, it can resist extreme weather phenomena including excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, rain and snow. You can construct and install the fence in many ways upon your creativity, too. 

Though, the cost is the problem here, it’s comparatively higher than wood or even metals. Bamboo is not easily available in all climate conditions, therefore, may require special orderings. The cost of transporting matters here. It also tends to crack and split after a long time exposed to environmental elements.

5.Chain-link fencing

Chain-link fences have been there for decades, and provided effective barriers for our properties. One of its biggest plus points is its affordable price for any kind of budget. It’s cheaper than wood, vinyl and other kinds of metal fencing. I believe that there’s no more ideal options than chain-link fences when you have to cover a large area. Additionally, chain-link fencing requires almost no maintenance as it underwent the galvanization process. Besides, its keeping safe ability is also significant. Just imagine how secured you will be when your children and pets play around safely in the yards, they cannot jump over or go any further because they clearly see the limited line by a chain-link fence. 

However, chain-link fencing won’t keep you safe from prying eyes. It’s not ideal for security. The chains themselves make it possible to climb on the fences. Furthermore, chain-link fences do not constitute privacy as they do not possess the solid wall of protection like wood or vinyl fencing has.  


Each kind of metal has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Nevertheless, your house’s privacy and security should be put on top.  

In my opinion, steel is the best option for gates or fences. Despite their complication in installation and high cost, above all, its durability and strength persuade me the most. Furthermore, Hanoi Import Export Steel and Equipment JSC are providing us with various choices of steel fence and able to guarantee their products for a lifetime.