Overview of residential fence

What is a residential fence?

Fences are also one of the factors that many families care about. In this article, we will explain in detail about residential fences.

The house is considered a common living space for the whole family. Fences are also one of the factors that many families care about. Therefore, house designers are very interested in the fence layout. How to make that space beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable is what makes them ask themselves every single day.

residential steel fence

What is the definition of a residential fence?

The residential fence is simply understood as shielding, bringing safety to the house and the inner living space of the whole family. In architecture, the residential fence is a part associated with the architecture, with the garden. Fences are both to divide, to protect, and to act as an architectural part in the whole. Sometimes, the residential fence is just to adorn the building.

The role of the fence

In the past, the residential fence had the main function of covering and separating a space. From there, forming the necessary boundary for housing and garden. However, it has now been used for more purposes. These beautiful residential fences have become a unique and different highlight for the house.

In modern designs, the fence also has the function of decorating, perfecting the beauty of the house. Therefore, during the construction process, its design was considered, adjusted very carefully to create a perfect overall. A beautiful fence design will contribute greatly to adorn the appearance of the house to make it prettier, newer in the eyes of the owners.

Types of fences

Ladder wooden fence

This is really one of the new innovations in the field of architecture. Unlike the familiar fences, elevation changes make it easier for people to visualize the steps. The vertical wood form makes the fence strong and firm which ensures privacy and brings a different beauty to the space.

Concrete fence

Fences made from concrete are gradually becoming popular in modern architecture. It is used to save money and reduce costs. This design is suitable for the type of box houses, tube houses. Sturdy concrete structure gives the house a sense of security and peace of mind. Depending on the specific architectural style, each house should choose the type of fence wall with the appropriate color. 

Simple and classic horizontal wooden fence

Wooden bars with natural colors and patterns will make the design look different. This fence pattern is now very popular. It is favored by nature, originality, and creativity. Each type of wood will bring different architectural beauty.

This type of fence is very suitable for garden houses and villas. Not only brings a sense of peace, but it also makes the house become closer to nature. Bring a living space full of life. For people who feel peaceful and comfortable.

Iron fence

Shaped from large iron plates, this type of fence brings a sense of security and stability to the house. Thanks to the development of iron forming techniques, there are now many unique products, suitable for many different designs.


The fence is not only a part to ensure security, privacy, but it also contributes greatly to perfect the landscape of the house. A stunning residential fence will create a perfect living space for the whole family. When conducting the construction, people can rely on the advice of the architect to make sure your house has a suitable fence.