Vietnam fencing manufacturer is competing fairly with the world’s leading manufacturer: China

Currently, China is gradually pushing up its steel fence production process to bring it to the world market. This has caused great disadvantages for a lot of nations, including Vietnam. However, the steel fence industry in Vietnam is still trying every day to assert their name to the world. This can confirm that: Vietnam fencing manufacturer is competing fairly with the world’s leading manufacturer: China. 

Vietnam fencing manufacturer is competing fairly with the world’s leading manufacturer: China

At EVFTA Trade Agreement Workshop took place on July 23, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Minh Ke, Chairman of Song Hong Aluminum and Chairman of Aluminum Association said Chinese steel with the advantage of cheap prices devalued the market causing difficulties for Vietnam fencing manufacturers. 

  • Meanwhile, Vietnam’s human resources in the field of steel production are very large.
  • China has made special policies to focus heavily on the world’s steel market. 
  • They have offered price incentives to attract the attention of countries around the world. This is an unfair competition on the steel market from China.

In this situation, Vietnam has also made timely improvisation policies to compete fairly with China. We have had lots of meetings taking place at different times throughout the country on this issue. Vietnam sets the goal of having a clear set of criteria and standards and a fulcrum to compete fairly with products originating from China.

Vietnam fencing manufacturer is also on the road to perfecting themselves, applying science and technology, building quality products, reasonable prices to compete fairly with Chinese steel. To do so, businesses need to focus on investing in technology and perfecting people.

Particularly for the EU market, there are many opportunities for Vietnam steel fence but need the support of the state on tax policy. The Government should issue appropriate tax policies so that Vietnam fencing manufacturer can easily export Vietnam steel gate to foreign countries as well as the import of steel fence, vietnam metal fence, vietnam metal gate into Vietnam will become more difficult.

Vietnam will face to tax evasion

According to Ms. Bui Kim Thuy, an economist, Vietnam has 13 trade agreements signed, of which 11 are in progress, 2 (including EVFTA) awaiting guiding documents. And some other trade agreements, especially about Vietnam fencing manufacturer are being negotiated by Vietnam.

According to Ms. Thuy, in the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), there are contents such as Government procurement, trade barriers, taxes, trade in goods and ect. In particular, rules of origin and cutting Tariff reduction is concerned by many businesses.

“It is meaningless if we only talk about tariffs but not rules of origin. Sometimes, we often care when the Agreement comes into effect, which tariff lines will be 0% right away, no What is free? Vietnamese goods are required to meet the rules of origin they want to enter into the markets, and the rules of origin are specifically designed for each different product code and design of rules of origin. is one of the most difficult, most complex sections of any trade agreement, so when it comes to tariffs it is not simply pink”.

Despite facing evasive taxes, Vietnam fencing manufacturer is making every day efforts to produce Vietnam steel fence, Vietnam steel gate with the desire to export them to the world market. We firmly believe that with their efforts, Vietnam fencing manufacturer will soon lead the steel industry, competing fairly with China.

Although China has many strengths in supplying steel products to the world market, Vietnam is still making every effort to compete fairly with them. The Government of Vietnam is gradually adopting appropriate policies to assist Vietnam fencing manufacturer with favorable conditions to export Vietnam steel fence to foreign countries. Certainly in the future by appropriate policies, Vietnam will assert its name in the world market in the field of steel.