HNSE robotic welding technology

Robot welding technology is not new to many people in industries such as cars, motorcycles, electronics but they have not been applied much in mechanical processing, especially in Vietnam. Understanding the great benefits that robotic welding system brings, we have equipped our factory with automatic welding robot system, they can perform most welds on a product with excellent quality. Here are some of the advantages of a robotic welding system.

Robotic welding machine

More Consistent, Higher-Quality Welds

A robotic machine can perform exceptionally high quality, efficient welds much more consistently than even the most experienced professionals. Moreover, the welds are extremely beautiful and tight. This also significantly reduces the proportion of products with defective welds.

Greater Productivity, Safe working

A welding machine can easily work 24 hours a day with rotating human supervision.

They work at a much faster rate than humans without getting tired. Thanks to the robotic welding machine, our workers can avoid many dangerous and repetitive operations and focus on higher-level challenges.

Reduced rust and waste

Of course when working with a robotic welding device with consistency and high precision, the waste will be minimal. That will save a lot of materials to help us reduce product prices. Moreover, the surface of the products will be less rust and damage.

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