• Material: Carbon steel
  • Finishing: Powder coating
  • Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Nano Ceramic, Primer Coating
  • Color: Orange, Yellow, Red, or as required
  • Origin of place: Vietnam
  • Manufacturer: Ninh Binh DHA
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Product Description


Bollard is the best solution for perimeter security applications and is used commonly as a pedestrian traffic guide and vehicular deterrent. DHA Ninh Binh bollard has been proven in terms of quality by passing series of performance tests to guarantee its stable workability. Manufactured in a modern factory with lines such as robotic welding systems, CNC cutting machines, especially the high-class powder coating line.

  • Professional ODM and OEM service
  • Available in many bollard choices: Fixed, Stationary , Removable and Retractable
  • Simple installation, easy to clean
  • Easy to install quickly
  • Customize design according to customer’s requirements
  • Produce on automatic, modern lines
  • Best price in Vietnam with many incentives for imported customers


  • Diameter: 3” – 12”
  • Thickness: 0.1” – 0.5”
  • Height: 20”, 24′, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”

Product Quality

Bollard surface treatment

High-quality powder coating

  • Outstanding anti-rust, anti-flaking ability
  • Passing 1500 hours salt spray testย  based on ASTM B117 standard
  • More protective layers – More durability
  • Offer full surface options: Gloss, Matte, Rough
  • Warranty period up to 15 years
  • Eco-friendly, lead-free, UV-resistant

High-quality mechanical production

  • Using reputable materials available in Vietnam
  • Sturdy, durable and good bearing fence frame
  • Offer welding options of copper, stainless steel, or alloy that provide good rust resistance
  • Produced by modern machinery such as welding robots, CNC cutting and punching machines, etc.

We have 2 finishing options for clients: galvanization or powder coating. That means powder-coated fences will cost more than just galvanized fences. Anyway, we always advise our clients to purchase powder coating products. They have a longer life so much than just galvanized products, especially in tropical climates.

product designs (odm and oem service)

  • Our ornamental fence designs have modern and typical styles. It can be used in almost all residential and commercial applications and fits a lot of architectural styles.
  • We offer you some main styles that include: flat-top style, crimped-top style, curved-top fence style, straight-rod fence style, and distinct spearhead-fence style.

Top styles

dome top bollard

Dome top bollard

flat top bollard

Flat top bollard

Removable steel cap

Beveled-top bollard

Production process

1. Cutting steel pipe

Cut steel pipes to exact sizes of bollards on CNC cutting machine.

welding bollards

2. Welding

Weld steel plates and cap to bollards by welding robots

Pre treatment and powder coating for bollards

3. Forming spearhead

Clean the bollard surface, spray nano-ceramic then cover with primer coating and powder coating

4. Packing

Bollards are covered with PE foam then packed into steel pallets.

bollard accessories

Bollard packaging