• Material: Carbon steel
  • Type: Welded steel tube
  • Finishing: Hot dipped galvanized, Pre-galvanized, Black
  • Origin of place: Vietnam
  • Standard: JISG 3452 – 2010,  ASTM A53/A53M – 10
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Product Description

Steel tube is an extremely essential product in mechanical production, we can see products that are made from steel tubes everywhere. They are the perfect material used to manufacture fences, gates, windows, steel structures, prefabricated factories, plumbing systems, … Ninh Binh DHA provides high-quality steel tubes according to some popular standards such as JISG 3452 – 2010, ASTM A53/A53M – 10. Some main kinds of steel tubes are pre-galvanized steel tubes, hot-dip galvanized steel tubes and black steel tubes. Products can be cut to the customer’s required length and surface pretreated or finished with galvanized or powder coated.

Pre galvanized steel round tube

Hot dip galvanized steel round tube

Black steel round tube

Pre galvanized steel square tube

Hot dip galvanized steel square tube

Pre galvanized steel round tube

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