ornamental fence from Ninh Binh DHA


  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Finishing: Powder coating
  • Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Nano Ceramic, Primer Coating
  • Color: Black, Matte black, White, or as required
  • Origin of place: Vietnam
  • Manufacturer: Ninh Binh DHA
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Product Description


Our fences are made from high-quality steel tubes. Its dominant style is simple, functional, and sturdy. Some designs are added simple and gentle decorative parts. It’s available for commercial and residential application.

  • Easy to install quickly
  • Customize design according to customer’s requirements
  • Produce on automatic, modern lines
  • Best price in Vietnam with many incentives for imported customers


  • Panel: 1500 – 3000 width, 1200 – 2400 height (mm)
  • Picket: 16×16 – 25×25, 1.1 – 2.5 thickness (mm),
  • Rail: 25×25 – 50×50, 1.4 – 2.5 thickness (mm)
  • Post: 50×50 – 120×120, 1.6 – 3.5 thickness (mm)
  • Fence head: Flat, formed tube, detachable spearhead, or complex.
  • The measurement can be change follow customer’s requirements.

Product Quality

coating layers

High-quality powder coating

  • Outstanding anti-rust, excellent durability
  • Passing 1500 hours salt spray test  based on ASTM B117 standard
  • More protective layers – More durability
  • Offer full surface options: Gloss, Matte, Rough
  • Warranty period up to 15 years
  • Eco-friendly, lead-free, UV-resistant

High-quality mechanical production

  • Using reputable materials available in Vietnam
  • Sturdy, durable and good bearing fence frame
  • Offer welding options of copper, stainless steel, or alloy that provide good rust resistance
  • Produced by modern machinery such as welding robots, CNC cutting and punching machines, etc.

Galvanizing surface option

  • Save your cost
  • It is suitable for farming application

We have 2 finishing options for clients: galvanization or powder coating. That means powder-coated fences will cost more than just galvanized fences. Anyway, we always advise our clients to purchase powder coating products. They have a longer life so much than just galvanized products, especially in tropical climates.

product designs (odm and oem service)

  • Our ornamental fence designs have modern and typical styles. It can be used in almost all residential and commercial applications and fits a lot of architectural styles.
  • We offer you some main styles that include: flat-top style, crimped-top style, curved-top fence style, straight-rod fence style, and distinct spearhead-fence style.

Feature fence designs

Production process

1. Cutting steel tube

Cut steel tubes to exact sizes of fence pickets and rails on CNC cutting machine.

2. Punching

Punch holes automatically on horizontal rails of fence panels

3. Forming spearhead

Shape spearhead forms of fence pickets or use separate spearheads according to the customer’s request.

Welding steel fence Ninh Binh DHA

4. Welding

Weld the fence pickets and rails together on our welding robots. This helps enhance quality and productivity so much than manual welding.

steel fence pre treatment

5. Pre-treatment

Clean the fence surface with a high-pressure chemistry nozzle system then coated with nano-ceramic.

powder coating fence

6. Powder coating

Cover fence surface with primer coating and powder coating by the automatic powder coating line.

inspection fence

7. Inspection

Inspect covered layer thickness and repair products that contain defects
(if any)

fence packaging Ninh Binh DHA

8. Packaging

We can pack according to our standard or according to customers’ requests but must make sure convenient to deliver and remove.

9. Loading and Delivery

We deliver to all over the world

fence accessories

fence packaging

For fence packaging, we have several methods to do it such as wooden pallets, wooden crates, carton boxes, and steel pallets. The most standard packaging method is to use steel pallets. Normally, we put 30 – 50 fence panels on one steel pallet. Then we cover them with PE foam, nylon, and fasten them with plastic straps finally. This method helps us to give you the best price and save storage places.

loading fence packaging