Easy DIY ideas to decorate your garden

Besides the highlight is the plants, flower pots are always an important key to increase the attractiveness of the garden. An old chair, a rusty bike, or even a discarded tub – all of which can be reused to make unique garden decorations.

Creating a flower garden with such things helps you to filter out unnecessary items and still reuse them for a new purpose, instead of having to spend the expensive cost of buying brand new flower pots.

From bicycles to unrelated porcelain boots, this article brings together the idea of using old furniture to decorate a garden that is both exotic and beautiful for those who are seeking inspiration to change their beloved garden. 

This old stroller will be a great suggestion for those who own a large garden.

 However, where the space is more limited, the pretty little wheelbarrow has the same effect.

The strange shape of the car creates an interesting contrast to the feminine flowers.

In contrast to the small strollers, the old bikes will give your garden a romantic and classic look.

What about a watering can? You can still reuse it for the same purpose!

If you are skilled and have a bit of wood, be creative. A pair of carved wooden boots, with this strange shape, people can not help but pay attention to your yard!

Or use real boots with colorful colors? Why not?!

This is probably the easiest and easiest suggestion to find in this article. Just coordinate the small colorful flower pots on the fence or the white wall, you can create a lovely garden corner.

The old chair can add style to the plants you grow. Make a gap in the chair to fit the flower pot of the same color and you have a very unique flower growing accessory!

These rattan chairs bring another idea. Instead of the need for flower pots, the seat backrest is quite large enough to make space for pretty cactus species.

Inspired by bicycles, the planting shelf with a melodic design seems to have been produced and sold widely with convenient design, easy installation.

You can not drive it, but it is extremely attractive and beautiful for garden decoration.

Flower shelf in steps for narrow corridors or small yards.

A set of flower pot combos from discarded trumpets. Who doesn’t like this cool idea ?!

Taking advantage of the stump to form a separate bonsai territory with each recess is a different flower.

The small flower pots hanging on the sides and around continue to be countless types of flowers of different colors, not aware of a miniature flower paradise.

With hanging flower pots, you may need a bit of patience to turn them into these lovely little wooden houses.

Making a beautiful garden so you can comfortably relax after a stressful working day is not too difficult, just devote your heart and love to it. When you look at the garden, you will feel worth the effort. A stunning garden made by yourself sounds pretty good, isn’t it?

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