The importance of bollards in factories – Ninh Binh DHA

Factories are workplaces with a lot of traffic. With just a few seconds of indifference, unexpected accidents can happen.  Therefore, using safety bollards is an effective and popular solution to protect your property and people.

Ninh Binh DHA is a professional manufacturer in Vietnam. We specialize in producing and exporting safety products like fences, barriers, bollards, etc. For bollards, we focus on industrial applications so they have a modern and simple appearance and are very strong. On the other hand, they are produced on our advanced production system that makes customers extremely assured about the quality, delivery time and warranty.

No one can predict the serious consequences that will occur if a collision occurs between trucks and machines, racks, or people in a factory. It not only destroys the things that are hit but can also cause more serious consequences such as fire, death, mass damage. Below, we show you the great applications that bollards bring.

Bollards are used as machinery guards

bollards protect machines

bollards protect machines

Bollards are used as guards of racks

The racks usually have a large height and hold a lot of heavy goods and tools on them. The bollards act as a conspicuous warning and prevent vehicles from colliding with the racks.

bollards for racks

Bollards are used to protect corner walls and doors

corner wall protection bollards

Bollards are used as parking areas

They are used to navigate vehicles, prevent collisions between vehicles, and prevent parking in the wrong place.

Parking bollards 3

Parking bollards 2

Parking bollards 1

Bollards are used to prevent vehicles hit pedestrians in factories

pedestrian bollard


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