Bollard Selection Guide

Bollard Selection Guide

Bollards are a handy little tool to control the crowd and avoid intrusion. If you’re wondering what are bollards? Where to buy Bollards? And other similar questions, don’t worry, we will provide all the important details about bollards. Read this bollard selection guide to know What are the main types of bollards and what are bollards used for?

What are bollards?

A bollard is a tiny vertical post, its main purpose of design is to protect property, people from vehicle intrusion and restrict the moment of traffic. Bollards have different types, and Steelmark bollards are common and well known to help prevent the ram raid in car parks, shops, streets, gardens, and other places. Along with the protective qualities of bollards, they are also proved as handy in architectural ornamentation and installing them as boundary markers. Now I am sure you must have got the idea of what bollard is, and I am sure all the pictures of bollards used in different shops and places are flashing in your mind.

The bollards are used not only for the above-said reasons and places. The application of this short tool is more, and we will be discussing the same in the next sections.

What are bollards used for?

There are three primary reasons for using bollards. And let us look at them one by one.

Security and Protection

The number one reason why people buy and use bollards is to provide security and protection. Especially, these tools are generally used to give crash protection and preserve the properties from pedestrians. These days bollards are available in different types, made with varieties of materials, different weights, methods of construction depending on the user requirements. Some of the bollards are designed to mark the boundaries, and, in that cases, one doesn’t need too sturdy bollards. In the same way, if you are planning to use them to prevent the ramming of vehicles, it needs to be robust. Like this, for different security requirements, the need changes, and as per your needs, you can find the bollards. All types of bollards made with different materials are available at Steelmark stores.

Visual Barrier

The usage of bollards is not only to provide protection and security, but these are also used as a visual barrier. If you just keep these bollards in a particular place, the intervention from people automatically reduces. For the same reason, bollards are used to indicate road construction, bad road condition, and other such things. These bollards easily attract the attention of drivers from long distances, and they can act accordingly. However, selecting the right colour of bollards is the key to catch the attention of people easily. Also, if you do not want any other vehicles to park in your place, you can place multiple boards and cover your space. You can find the usage of bollards in the parking lots, where people keep bollards in some places to avoid parking. These bollards are also kept to indicate the boundary.

Architectural Arrangement

You can use the bollards to create architectural orientation too. Steelmark is one of the top manufacturers of bollards, and we produce bollards as per your requirements. Hence, it is easier to design the landscape and your surroundings the way you wanted. With Steelmark, you need not install the boring monotype bollards anymore. We can produce custom-made bollards to suit your needs and designs. These days, people use bollards to create beautiful arrangements in their gardens, patios, etc. You can also contact us and let us know the design you want to have in your yard.

What are the main types of bollards?

We have broadly categorized bollards into four types, and each type serves different purposes. However, you can find different subcategories in these bollards based on the method they are made and the material used.

Surface-mounted bollards

These bollards generally use a mechanical anchor system and mount on the surface. These are inexpensive bollards to install, but you should compromise with the security. Taking the impact, the anchors generally breaks and demands repairs or replacement. These bollards are ideal for use as a visual barrier than protection and security

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