5 Benefits of a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are a classic choice if you want a border around your property. Installing a wrought iron fence on your property will come with these five benefits.

1. A Barrier to Keep Others Away From Your Property

First, a wrought iron fence creates a barrier that helps stop people from coming onto your property. The barrier isn’t insurmountable, as most fences can be scaled by someone who’s athletic and intent on going over them. It will, however, keep the majority of people off of your property and increase the time any nefarious individuals need to gain access to your property.

Having a barrier is a primary consideration for many people who have a fence installed around their property, but not everyone considers all of the people and things a fence helps keep off of your property. A fence that surrounds your property will:
  • Prevent young children from going across your lawn and damaging it
  • Stop passersby from walking on your lawn and causing damage
  • Slow and deter burglars who want to break into your home
  • Keep dogs and many other animals off your lawn
Even something as simple as keeping unwanted dogs off your lawn justifies getting a fence, for dogs can bite when scared, dig holes in your yard or garden, and defecate on the grass.

2. A Boundary to Keep Children and Pets in Your Yard

Second, a wrought iron fence will also help keep the people and animals who do belong in your yard there. Specifically, a fence will keep pets from wandering and children from running into the street. Even if you have older children, that boundary can be life-saving if a ball suddenly goes into the road and they have an impulse to chase after it.

For some breeds of dogs, having a fenced-in yard is essential. Scottish terriers, for instance, are bred to hunt. Although a Scottish terrier might be well-trained, they may take off if they see a rodent and there’s no barrier that prevents them from running after it. A fence will keep them in your yard.

3. An Elegant Addition to Your Home’s Aesthetic

Third, wrought iron fences are distinguished from less appealing types of fencing by their appearance.

Whereas chain link fences, for example, primarily serve a functional purpose, wrought iron fences are both functional and beautiful. These fences have a classic look that goes well with any home and landscaping design, and one will be an elegant addition to your home’s aesthetic.

4. A Lattice for Growing Plants

Fourth, wrought iron fences make great lattices to grow plants on. This sets these fences apart from privacy fences, which don’t have any openings between the slats for stems and vines to climb up, and adding a few plants to a wrought iron fence makes it even more elegant.

Moreover, there’s no shortage of plants that you can grow on a wrought iron fence. All of the following plants require a lattice structure:
  • Beans and peas
  • Cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Morning glories and American wisterias
  • Climbing hydrangeas and trumpet honeysuckles
If you were planning to grow any of these, having a fence that they can climb will also help reduce your gardening costs since you won’t need to purchase a separate lattice structure.

5. A Valuable Addition to Your Property

Finally, a wrought iron fence is a truly valuable addition to your property. On average, a fence can increase your home’s value by about half the cost of the fence. This includes both material and installation costs for the fencing.

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