How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Fence?

Like building structures, a fence also gets worn out and needs to be replaced. Sometimes you can repair your old fence instead of replacing it with a new one. However, when your fence is too old and is on the verge of collapsing, you need to replace it.

Here are some of the signs that indicate you need to replace your fence:

Decay or Damage of Wood

Wood fences are no doubt beautiful, but after a while they will start to decay, especially poor quality wooden fences. Although wood fences have a shorter lifespan than other types of fences, they are cheaper and easier to install and repair.

Change in Your Needs

It could be a business need where you have added more trucks to your business. Maybe you got a larger dog for your house. What you need is a new fence to protect your family, property and assets.

Sale of House

If you want to sell your house, changing your fence would be the best option. A high quality fence increases the resale value and enhances the look of your property. If the property appears attractive, there is a good chance of more potential buyers.

Fence Repair Cost Is Huge

Repairs should be considered when the fence is in pretty good condition or has minor damages. But if the fence has become too fragile, changing it would be the best option. A repair might save you some money, but in the long run, a new fence would be more helpful and would be a better investment. It will definitely add to the security and the look of your home.

Damaged by an Accident

If your fence has been hit by a storm, falling tree, vehicle or other natural forces, it can cause significant damages which can be beyond repairs. In this case, you need to replace your fence as soon as possible.

Loose Connections and Fasteners

Fence panels and boards are held together with the help of nails, screws, and fasteners. These can become loose and even fall out over time due to wind, heat, moisture, ice, or rust. Rot or decay can cause the fasteners to break themselves apart. All these indicate your fence has to be replaced.

Missing or Broken Panels

Missing or broken panels are common in fences that have been worn out due to age and extreme weather conditions and left untreated for long. Missing or cracked panels pose a great security risk, so replacing the fence is important to ensure safety and security.

If There Are Holes in the Fence

Have the planks on your fence begun to look a little polka-dotty? These holes are likely caused by insects or other animals chewing on your fence. Have an exterminator thoroughly inspect your property to determine what is creating the holes. After taking care of this, you can replace your fence.

The Fence is Leaning Over

Significant underlying issues may be indicated by leaning fences, which might result in your fence collapsing entirely. If your fence is sagging, it might be a sign of weaker fence posts. Another possibility is that the boards are bent or fractured. In this case, replacing the entire fence is better than trying to fix it.

Splintering of the Fence

Splintering is yet another little symptom of a much larger issue in case you have a wooden fence. The presence of cracks and splits in the wood indicates that it is very weak, reducing its functionality, and will most likely continue to fall apart over time. It’s better to replace the fence before it completely deteriorates and leaves your house vulnerable.

Rusting Fence

Metal fences are frequently coated with rust-resistant compounds; however, this does not prevent rust spots from appearing. Pay close attention to the joints that hold the fence together. Rusty and corroded joints can cause your fence to deteriorate, and severe rust on your metal fence indicates that it’s time to replace them.

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