Four Brilliant Halloween Fence Decoration Ideas

Pumpkins for the Halloween fence decorations

Now is the time of year pumpkins come into season. If you are growing them in your garden, you will know how well they look and how seasonal they make the yard feel. The local stores will be full of pumpkins at a low price.

You can impale pumpkins on the posts of a picket fence or the rails of a metal one. First, paint or cut out a face on each pumpkin. The fresh faces will look scary, but they will get even better looking as they shrink over time.

Pumpkins can also go along the base of the fence or around your gate. Lighting them inside with candles will be a great effect come night time.

Spiderwebs to stick on the fence

The stores are full of incredible decorations at the moment.

Spiderwebs stick well to any fence type. Buy a few boxes and get to work. Lay the webs all over the fence and the gate. Add other colors and stick bats and spiders to the web, so they spook people. Maybe even write scary things on the open webs.

You will have great fun covering the yard with lots of spooky webs.

Go all out with skeletons and spooks

While at the store take a look at the other decorations. They usually have skeletons, vampires, ghosts, and witches for sale too. Often you will get almost life-size ones, which will definitely catch the eye.

Adding the spooks to the pumpkins and spiderwebs will make for that spooktacular fence this Halloween.

Halloween fence decorations needn’t be scary

The fall colors make for a beautiful spectrum of ideas this season.

Adding the pumpkins along the fence looks great. Putting lots of leaves and branches through the fence brings more style. Ask at your flower store for fall decorations that you can put on the fence.

Halloween decorations can stay on your fence through Thanksgiving, if you care for them.

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