Ideas for Decorating Your Fence During Christmas This Year

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect opportunity to transform your house into a festive piece of art. Have you wondered how your fence can serve as an excellent canvas for Christmas decorations? Whether you have a privacy fence in your backyard or a basic picket fence in front of your house, you can always dress them up for the holiday season.

Check out these Christmas decoration fencing tips to get some ideas for your own design.

Hang Garlands and Wreaths

Garlands and wreaths complement most fence types. You can wrap the garland around your fence, or anchor it to the taller posts of a picket fence, and let it hang down in the shape of a grin. Put wreaths at the intersections of two curves, and you’re all set!

Make Patterns Using Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are versatile enough to be hung in various patterns, making them ideal for fence decorating. Lights may be used to make shapes on the side of your privacy fence. You can use detachable hooks as long as the glue you use is strong enough to attach to the fence. If not, hang the lights using clamps or other equipment.

Hang Large Outdoor Ornaments on Your Fence

Hanging huge ornaments on your fence is another wonderful Christmas fence decoration idea. Hang small plastic balls or toys at various heights with fishing wire. Because the wire is transparent and difficult to detect, the balls and toys will appear to float along the barrier.

Make Your Chain Link Fence Eye-Catching

If you have a chain-link fence, you could spell words on the fence line with red and green plastic cups all over it. You can even wrap lights in patterns to make snowflakes or a Christmas tree silhouette. Consider also buying holiday-themed privacy slats for chain link fences, such as candy cane red and white.

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