Privacy Fence: How It Offers Both Comfort and Security

You want to create the perfect space in your backyard for your friends and family to enjoy all throughout the year. You want to host barbecues, potlucks or even simply relax outside after a long day at work. All these things can be accomplished with a well maintained backyard that has a privacy fence. A fence ensures you have enough privacy from neighbors and any other disrupting outside noises.

Here are many other benefits that a privacy fence can provide:

Added Esthetic Bonus

When trying to maintain a well put together yard; one of the best ways to tie together a theme for your decor is through a professionally installed fence. The fence can simultaneously make things look beautiful and organized that increases the resale value of your home.

Extra Security

A privacy fence is different compared to other fences because they are taller, which prohibits people looking over into your yard. You will have some privacy from prying neighbors and won’t have to worry about the neighbor’s dog barking at you through a chain link fence.

Protection from the Weather

It is annoying when high gusts of wind knocks over your outdoor furniture. However, a privacy fence can protect your yard from those high winds and other such elements.

Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

The extra tall privacy fence can protect both kids and pets from any street hazards. Also, it can prevent your pet from running or wandering off. A properly installed fence will be difficult to dig underneath and can have a safety gate installed.

Preventing Thefts and Trespassing

With a privacy fence installed, thefts and trespassing incidents can be prevented. Your property will be secured and a stranger is less likely to trespass your property line if it is surrounded by a privacy fence.

Safeguarding Specific Features of Your Property

Apart from providing general security, installing a privacy fence serves a specific purpose in safeguarding a feature of your property. Building a privacy fence around a garden area protects it from wandering creatures. A privacy fence around the pool enhances security and safety.

Noise Reduction

Noise can be significantly reduced by a good quality privacy fence, making your home more peaceful and comfortable. The best fences can lower your surrounding noises, decreasing the sound level by 6 to 10 decibels. However, this depends on the construction of your fence. A high privacy fence without gaps between the planks will block noise better than a limited privacy, low quality fence.

Decorative Purposes

Some types of private fencing add a decorative touch to your property. Choose an ornamental fence that matches the style of your home and neighborhood.

Reduced Insurance

A privacy fence around your property can significantly reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates, depending on your insurance carrier. You can pay much less for your home insurance coverage and enjoy the benefits of your investment on the fence.

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