Fence Installation: Know What You Should Ask Before Investing

Having a fence installed for your residential or commercial property isn’t the most exciting improvement step you’ve ever made. However, you must remember that a fence helps protect your property and makes it look more attractive. Finding the right fencing company to work with isn’t an easy job. Picking the right fencing company for your fence installation needs can be a difficult task too.

Here is a complete guide to make your selection process a simplified and easier task. Keep reading to learn more about what questions you should ask the fencing company before investing in a fence installation project. If you don’t ask, you may be lost when your fence falls apart and you don’t get everything you’re looking for.

Are You Experienced?

Most fence companies that you’re considering hiring can do the work. After all, they work each and every day installing fences for somebody. The experience you need to know about is whether or not they’re familiar with your type of project.

Are you hiring a fence company to do residential fencing when they mostly take care of commercial fences? Make sure you ask what experience any fence company you might be hiring has been doing projects like yours.

Is the Company Fully Insured?

Licensing and insurance are two topics most consumers don’t think about when hiring a fence contractor. You need to consider them though if you don’t want to get ripped off. Check licensing and make sure anybody who works on your property has insurance.

How Much Does It Cost to Put up a Fence?

Most people have to live within a budget – even when it comes to home repairs and improvements. That’s why the fencing company you work with really needs to provide a quote before the work begins. There are often extenuating circumstances, but you need to know what you’re expected to pay. Put 5% extra aside to make sure you can pay for anything that might go wrong during the job or if there are delays.

How Long Will It Take to Put up a Fence?

It depends on the size of the property, length of the fence, and the type of fence you are installing. However, most of the fences can be installed in 1-3 days. A wood fence 150-200 linear feet long takes 3-5 days to install.

Can You Show Me Examples of Your Work?

Seeing examples of the completed work of the fencing company will help you determine the quality of their work. A good fencing contractor will be happy to provide you samples of their work.

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