Wrought Iron Fence and Ornamental Fence – Choose which one?

Have you ever asked yourself if I should use an Ornamental fence or a Wrought Iron fence? We will answer this question in the article below.

The only way to decide which is more suitable for you is to imagine it being on your property. A common point that can be noticed in the two types of fences is that they are very tough.

But that doesn’t mean these fencing materials have the same hardness. As the name suggests, the wrought iron fence is made from Iron, while the ornamental fence’s material is a combination of carbon and iron. The amount of carbon contained in the steel mixture can determine the rigidity of your ornamental fence. We will provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of each type of fence to help you decide quickly and easily.

We will use the following elements to compare these fences

– Which kind of fence is cheaper?

– Which kind of fence is easier to install?

– Which kind of fence is more durable?

– Which kind of fence is easier to weld?

– Maintenance requirements

– Which kind of fence is cheaper?

Do you think adding carbon to the fence will make the ornamental fence more expensive? Thatโ€™s not the correct answer. The fencing manufacturers can make steel fencing products easier than their iron counterparts because steel is easier to make and to mold into specific lengths. On the other hand, iron is not as easily made as steel and this makes the wrought iron fence more expensive than the ornamental fence. So if you have a tight budget, consider using an ornamental fence.

Which kind of fence is easier to install?

Thanks to a mixture of iron and carbon, the Ornamental fence is lighter than the wrought iron fence. You will need lighter fences when you use them for projects that need a fence that can lift and hold in place.

Thanks to the carbon in the mixture, an Ornamental fence has a variety of designs than a Wrought iron fence.

Iron in comparison is heavy and working with it is difficult for a small team and on more significant projects.

Which kind of fence is more durable?

The ornamental fence also surpasses the Wrought iron fence in this criterion. The amount of carbon present in steel increases the durability of the ornamental fence. Moreover, if your steel fence is broken, you only need to replace it.

You will notice that Wrought iron will deteriorate over time but that is completely avoidable. Owners only need to take action as soon as possible. Although these fences do not require regular maintenance, they will rust over time

Maintenance requirements

As we mentioned above, Wrought iron fences will rust and fail if you don’t take good care of them.

Thanks to the properties of materials in the Ornamental fence, this type of fence does not rust easily. You need to ask the salesman whether your ornamental fence is rust-proof. If the type of fence you buy does not resist rust, it can go quicker than wrought iron fences.

Under great pressure, the fence made of steel will be broken. In the case of wrought iron fences, you can prevent this thanks to early actions. If you plan to use these types of fences over a long period, you need annual maintenance.


Wrought iron fences are made of solid iron, decorated with beautiful curving motifs, curling iron flowers. Wrought iron fences help the villas or townhouses become prominent and attractive. The Ornamental fence has a simple but modern design at a low cost.