DHA – Best Vietnam Dog Kennel Exporter

Nowadays, Vietnam dog kennels  are more and more popular in the export market with high-quality products, good services and competitive prices compared to China’s. If you are looking for such a supplier – here we are. Ninh Binh DHA company is the best Vietnam dog kennel exporter you can find and put your trust in.

Why should you buy dog kennel?

It seems that all dog lovers want to find their pets a lovely place where they can sleep and stay comfortably and safely, where they can still enjoy playing and sunbathing relaxingly under the sun, not to mention if your dog stays outside the house, on a farm that maybe it have to deal with many threats from severe weather or even coyotes and other large predators from the air. Finding your dog a safe and comfortable kennel is the best solution!

Find your beloved dog a safe shelter!

Keep your dog in a safe place

DHA Ninh Binh – the Best Vietnam Dog Kennel Exporter

Ninh Binh DHA is one of the leading dog kennel manufacturers in Vietnam. As a famous and credible supplier in the Vietnam market, we have been exported to a variety of countries all over the world. All our operations are based on the core values of high-quality products along with the best quality services for the development.

Our kennels are made mainly from high-quality steel tubes and welded mesh by modern production lines. We confidently can meet all strict requirements with all our products having high-quality, perfect aesthetics and long durability.

3 styles of dog kennels
Weather Resistant, Covered, Heavy Duty, Outdoor, Welded Wire Pet Kennel, Roof, Galvanized Steel, Multiple sizes, Easy to Assemble, Multiple Colors

About our products

DHA Dog Kennel

Product specifications:

  • Wire diameter: 14 gauge – 8 gauge
  • Mesh opening: 2” – 8”
  • Available height: 3′ –  6′ or as required
  • Available length: 3′ – 10′ or as required

Product description:

  • Manufacturer: Ninh Binh DHA
  • Color: Black, Matte black, White, or as required
  • Material: Steel wire
  • Finishing: Powder coating
  • Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Nano Ceramic, Primer Coating
  • Origin of place: Vietnam

Product functions:

  • Comfortable space: You no longer have to worry about keeping your dog indoors all day because he/she can enjoy playing outside with fresh air and sunshine within our dog kennel offering plenty of room for comfort.
  • Safety: You can completely rest about safety. Large outdoor wire kennel provides a secure pet play area; swing-open door for easy in/out access; also, we treat the welds and sharp edges with care for your pet’s comfort and safety.
  • Long-lasting durability: our kennels are made of durable materials, including metal wire, for safety, optimal stability, and long-lasting strength. The powder coating surface is guaranteed against cracking, peeling, chipping, blistering or corroding, extending the life of the kennels giving you years of worry-free use.
  • Waterproof cover included: With a waterproof tarp that drapes over the top of the kennel, provide your pet with full protection from sun, rain, snow and debris and other outdoor elements, ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort.
  • Easy to resemble: with rudimentary tools and our detailed and simple constructions, you just need a couple of minutes to set it up. It is so convenient that you can easily move or bring its parts when you travel with your pet.
  • Friendly to people and environment: lead-free, UV protection.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor: we have multiple sizes of dog kennels and they are easy to resemble so they are all great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Multiple designs: We provide ODM and OEM service to meet your design, helping to optimize costs easily. Currently we have 3 available designs
6-panel kennel style
8-panel kennel style
12-panel kennel style

Modern production process

DHA Ninh Binh always updates and applies modern production lines such as Cutting and Punching CNC lines, Robotic Welding lines, Powder Coating lines and so on. Therefore, we can continually insure, improve the quality of products and optimize the prices for customers.

Here are the steps to produce our kennels. The production process is closely monitored and inspected thoroughly:

1. Making welded mesh: welded mesh made from wire steel with diameters and mesh sizes on request.

2. Cutting: subdivide the welded mesh panels and remove the excess

3. Welding to kennel frame: place the welded mesh panels in the frame and proceed to solder them by welding robots.

4. Pre-treatment and powder coating: careful surface treatment and finishing with premium primer and powder coating

5. Packing: we will pack parts of kennels in a carton box or any packing method that fits customers.

Finding a Vietnam dog kennel supplier? – DHA definitely is your perfect partner! DHA kennel is no doubt a must have to dog lovers! Please contact DHA Ninh Binh Joint Stock Company – the leading prestigious dog kennel in Vietnam for consultancy and quotes by Hotline: 0866597153 or Email: sales @hanexmetal.com

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