Best types of dog kennel

There are various types of dog kennels on the market: plastic kennels, wooden kennels, metal kennels, soft kennels, and more. What type of dog kennel is suitable for my dog? You may wonder this when planning to buy your lovely friend a new home. There is no doubt that a dog kennel is a must-have item for its multiple usefulness: a safe shelter for your dog, protecting it from other harm and threats, and keeping it away from your guests when necessary. If you find it hard to distinguish those types of dog kennels, Ninh Binh DHA will help you review the best and common ones so that you can find your dog the most suitable home.

Dog kennel

1. Plastic dog kennels

Plastic dog kennel

Features: They are made of thick plastic with a front-facing swinging door and a carrying handle on the top. They bring many benefits, for instance, they are easy to set up and carry, easy to clean, sturdy, avoiding being chewed, durable, great for shy or reactive dogs. However, your dog may feel uncomfortable in this kennel due to low visibility and a small room may make them feel hot in summer or even frustrated, plus, over time it can be smelly.

Uses: Because plastic dog kennels are portable, sturdy, and protective, they are mostly used when you want to carry your dog on a car or airplane, that’s why they are also called airline kennels. Your dog would better not stay too long at this kind of kennel, so this kennel is perfect for a short trip or travel.

Perfect for: Plastic dog kennels are popularly used for small to medium-sized dogs.

2. Soft dog kennels

Soft dog kennel

Features: Soft dog kennel isn’t for every dog. They are usually made of soft mesh material like canvas or nylon, therefore more easily destroyed than wire or plastic kennels, especially to dogs liking to scratch or chew, therefore they seem not to be durable. This kind of kennel is lighter and cheaper, and easier to carry and fold away compared to other types of kennels. That’s why it is one of the most commonly used kennels.

Uses: You should not use soft kennels for initial crate training. This on the other hand is a great choice to carry with you anywhere you go. They are perfect for traveling by airplane or car, camping, and picnics.

Perfect for: Soft dog kennels are great for small and non-destructive dogs.

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3. Wire dog kennels

Wire dog kennel

Features: Wire dog kennels or metal dog kennels are made of metal wire. This kind of kennel has a lot of advantages. They are sturdy, visual, and airy so that you don’t have to worry your dog will chew it, or get stressed or hot in an enclosed space. Also, you can easily clean. Obviously, metal material will make it heavier to be moved. Luckily, most of them are folding so you can still travel with it. Over time, the kennels will rust and become less stable, which leads to a situation that some escape-artist dogs can try to escape from. Therefore, you should buy some additional covers or accessories such as trays or dog crate casters.

Uses: This kind of kennel is a good choice if you want to set up a removable place for your dog in your home.

Perfect for: This is good for dogs loving to observe surroundings and easily get hot.

4. Wood dog kennels (Furniture dog kennels)

Furniture dog kennel

Features: Wood or furniture-style dog kennels are designed to fit aesthetically with other furniture in your home.  This kind of kennel is commonly used in polar climates as it makes the atmosphere more cozy and warm.  As furniture, it is diverse in styles and decoration, for instance, it can have functions as a shelf, a nightstand or an end or a side table. However, dynamic dogs may tend to chew wood and get harmed from it. Moreover, wood dog kennels are not easy to clean, too heavy to move, and most especially too expensive. Besides, dogs also feel uncomfortable staying in.

Uses: If you live in a small space, you can combine your dog’s crate with a functional piece of furniture that best matches your home’s decor. This will not be the best choice for your dog but it is convenient to be combined as furniture to optimize space.

Perfect for: This is great for smaller dog breeds needing pet parents to stay aside. Plus, this is not for destructive dogs as they will chew the wood.

5. Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels

Heavy-duty dog kennel

Features: Heavy-Duty Dog Kennels are usually made of coated metal or high-grade steel with large dimensions to contain big-sized dogs or destructive or escape-artist ones. They have many advantages as they are nearly impossible to chew and bend, difficult to escape, airy, and protective. Correspondingly, they are quite expensive and hard to move.

Uses: Heavy-duty dog kennels are usually put outdoors but you can put them all indoors and outdoors.

Perfect for: This type of dog kennel is the right solution for giant and strongest dogs and ones who keep chewing or destroying the kennel, or, there are various sizes of dog kennels for you to choose from.


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So we have shared with you some best types of dog kennels. Do you find our information useful? Follow our website to update new valuable articles.

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