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If you want to import Vietnam bollards, congratulation, you have landed on the right place. We are pleased to become your long-term and reliable partner. We – Ninh Binh DHA Joint Stock Company are so proud to be one of the most prestigious and famous manufacturers and exporters of steel bollards in Vietnam.

High demands of steel bollards

Nowadays, bollards are more and more used in various areas for their high application ability. It is a universal device that is widely applied to protect security from attacks by means of vehicles such as cars, trucks, containers, and other vehicles. They are often installed at important locations such as Banks, Consulates, the Ministry of Public Security, Political Centers, etc.. Sometimes bollards are used with other modes of traffic or one-way lanes to manage vehicles avoiding other traffic management elements.

For the high demands of bollards, that is why we are here. We truly believe that we can offer all your requirements and you will be completely satisfied with our high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Why should you choose our company?

There are numerous reasons that you should choose us as your potential partner.


Our factory system is built and operated according to ISO 9001: 2015. As one of the leading manufacturers in mechanical products in Vietnam, Ninh Binh DHA always proactively researches and applies advanced technologies and modern production lines along with organizing training sessions for the workers, engineers, and staff to make sure customers can be as satisfied as possible with our bollards’ quality and aesthetics.

Robotic welding machine
Robotic welding machine

Product Quality

All our products are made from high-quality materials in a modern production lines. We have our bollards exported to high demanding markets such as America, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, etc. Our high-class coating powder is certified to pass 1500 hours salt spray test based on ASTM B117 standard and has color fastness up to 10 years.

Meticulous Quality Control
Meticulous Quality Control

Fast Delivery and Production

Thanks to applying advanced technologies, we can implement professionally projects quickly with quality ensured, and try our best to deliver goods to you safely and fully.

Designs & Packaging

Ninh Binh DHA is an ODM and OEM company. We have a highly competent group of experts to customize products to meet your products design and packaging requirements.

Bollards are covered with PE foam
Bollards are covered with PE foam

Good Warranty Service

Last but not least, you can be completely assured about product lifetime with our up to 15-year warranty policy. Yes, it means that choosing DHA bollards is such a worthy investment. Therefore, choosing our company as your bollard supplier is the right decision!

Our high-quality bollards

Ninh Binh DHA bollards
Ninh Binh DHA bollards


  • Diameter: 3” – 12”
  • Thickness: 0.1” – 0.5”
  • Height: 20”, 24′, 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Finishing: Powder coating
  • Surface treatment: Galvanizing, Nano Ceramic, Primer Coating
  • Color: Orange, Yellow, Red, or as required

Why are our products outstanding?

Quality you need: Our products have high quality from inside to outside:

  • Our bollards are made from carbon steel to maximum strength and durability.
  • Surface treatment with 3 protective layers:  Galvanizing, Nano Ceramic, Primer Coating, the finishing layer of high-class powder coating passing 1500 hours salt spray test based on ASTM B117 standard – helping products against rust, peeling, scratch and corrosion, and UV resistance.
Advanced production lines
Advanced production lines

High Visibility: In addition to protecting the surface of the product, multiple layers of paint also make the surface of the product smoother and more glossy. Powder coat safety yellow finish provides an appealing long-lasting look. We also offer full surface options such as Gloss, Matte, Rough

Advanced production system: modern machinery such as welding robots, CNC cutting and punching machines, etc.

Simple Installation: A bollard comes with 4 anchor bolts that are easy to install in the base plate which includes 4 pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and easy installation

Various Applications: This guardian steel bollard is to provide increased visibility and protection to entrances, parking lots, sidewalks, bike paths, machines, racks, and more; commonly used in traffic-sensitive areas.

Available many types of bollards: We produce all basic and essential types of bollards: Fixed, Stationary, Removable and Retractable

Product design: We offer ODM and OEM service, meaning that we will customize designs following customers’ requirements. There are some top styles of bollard as below:


Dome top bollard
Dome top bollard
Flat top bollard
Flat to bollard
Separate top bollard
Separate top bollard
Beveled-top bollard
Beveled-top bollard

Provided with high quality, good aesthetics, diversity, customization, reasonable prices, long durability, and out-standing warranty commitmentNinh Binh DHA Bollards have all elements to become your best choice. We will not let you be disappointed with our amazing products and services. All you need now is to contact us to have assistance and receive quotes through: Email: or Hotline: 0866.597.153

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