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Powder coated cable tray
Powder coated cable tray

Powder coated cable tray is an increasingly popular product and dominates the market compared to zinc-galvanized cable tray and carbon steel cable tray. The key difference among them is their surface treatment methods. Let’s find out why electrostatic painting is widely utilized, and where you can find a reputable powder coating service provider at the most reasonable price? We will answer your questions in this article.

Why should cable trays be powder coated?

Cable trays, also known as electric cable ladders, are made from punched steel or aluminum plates, then assembled rigidly in the form of trays to support and contain powder and communication cables, and are commonly used in commercial and industrial construction, especially apartments and buildings. Cable tray products help the wiring or electrical conduit systems to be protected safely, look much more aesthetic than bare wire. more effective and easier to manage than electrical cables buried underground or in walls.

Nowadays, there are three main surface treatment methods for cable trays: powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, pre-galvanizing. In addition, the carbon steel cable tray (without surface treatment) can be used in an environment with few destructive agents to save costs.

Basically powder coated cable tray will cost more than galvanized cable tray. However, let’s consider the value of use that it brings above its cost, this is an option that cannot be more reasonable.

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Powder coating – anti rust, anti corrosion for cable trays

One of the outstanding features of electrostatic powder coating technology is its superior anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability compared to other normal galvanized types, thereby protecting cable trays from harmful environmental agents.

  • The powder coating layer has a thickness of 60-100µm, while other conventional galvanizing layers are only 7 – 25 µm thick.
  • Powder coating is made of polymer resin, tint pigments, curing agents, and additives that protect the material from oxidizing while the main ingredient of zinc-galvanizing is zinc, which is less protective.
  • Powder coating has multi-protective layers, including: Galvanizing + Nano Ceramic + Primer Coating + and Powder Coating.
  • Galvanized cable trays are usually cleaned manually and simply before being plated, therefore they are less resistant to corrosion, and easily destructive from inside.
Powder coated cable trays
Powder coated cable trays
Galvanized cable trays
Galvanized cable trays

Powder Coating – Durability for cable trays

Powder coated cable trays are processed in a modern production line, specially go through many stages such as serious pre-treatment, primer coating, powder coating. That’s why they are brilliantly more durable and sustainable compared to only galvanized ones. Thanks to powder electrostatics, the powder coating has much better adhesion and cover to the product’s surface. Generally,  a standard powder coating will last 5-10 times longer than a galvanized one.

Powder Coating – Aesthetics For Cable Trays

In terms of aesthetics, there is nothing further to discuss about powder coating‘s performance. There are various colors for customers to choose from, with full surface options to customize: gloss, matte, rough, wrinkle. Powder coated surface is covered evenly, looks more greatly aesthetic than zinc-galvanized and carbon steel surface.

Powder Coating – Insulating Ability For Cable Trays

Powder coated cable trays are not committed to have 100% insulation, however, as an insulating layer, the powder coating will help protect people from danger in case leakage current happens. On the contrary, the possibility of leakage current of zinc-galvanized or carbon steel cable trays is definitely 100%. Therefore, powder coated cable tray’s insulating ability is a superiority over other cable trays.

Find a reliable powder coated cable tray service provider?

Currently, there are many powder coating service providers in the market, however, they are mostly operated on a small scale and cannot meet requirements for quality, progress and warranty. As a leading expert in this industry, Ninh Binh DHA professionally provides high-quality powder coating service, besides specializing in manufacturing other powder coated products, such as fences, steel bollards, kennels, barriers, and steel tubes. We guarantee to provide you best services:

  • Fast delivery
  • Meet highest demands (our products are exported all over the world: EU, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, etc.)
  • Advanced automatic production lines => High quality and productivity => price optimization compared to manual processing
  • Warranty period up to 3-15 years
  • Experienced workers and competent technicians
  • 41000 square meters factory
  • High capacity (7200 tons/month)
DHA Powder coating production line
DHA Powder coating production line

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