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Powder coated fences
Powder coated fences

Powder coating for iron fences and railings is widely applied everywhere in our lives. It is the best solution to add lives and enhance the total beauty for your wrought iron fences and railings. Powder coating service is absolutely affordable and brings many benefits. How to choose the right provider for this service? Ninh Binh DHA will provide you with some basic knowledge so you can more easily find a reliable direction.

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Powder coating for fences and railings – what is the requirement?

There are many directions providing powder coating service in the market. However, finding one with high quality powder coating service is not easy. Why is that? The cost to install a standard powder coating production line is really high that not all providers can afford. The first stage of the powder coating process for fences and railings is to clean the surface by modern technology, making sure to remove rusts, grease, dust, oils, and other contaminants. After the pretreatment process, products are delivered in a spray booth with high quality spray guns to apply powder to stick evenly on metal surfaces. This helps the coated surfaces become more glossy and have better adhesion to the surfaces of iron fences or railings.

Benefits of powder coating for iron fences and railings

Powder coating helps protect the surface of fences and railings against weather agents, scratches, corrosion, fading, chipping, and general wear and tear. Moreover, the powder coating can withstand from 5-10 years. This means that your fences and railings will be more durable and last for a very long time. Especially, your products will look more brilliantly beautiful with glossy coated surfaces.

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Customize colors and textures

The powder coating technology incredibly allows customizing any colors to meet your requirements. There are various colors for you to choose from. Besides, many texture options are available to fit your living space and decorating styles, such as gloss, matte, rough, wrinkle. A good powder coating service will not limit your color and finish, you can require or create any colors you want.

Powder coated railings
Powder coated railings

Protect fences and railings from rust and corrosion 

Nowadays, powder coating technology, as well as powder quality is continuously improved, thereby helping the coated surfaces of fences and railings stand trong regardless of weather conditions. The powder coating increases the intense impacts of external environmental factors as well as chemicals. Therefore, it enhances products’ durability and improves their appearances more aesthetically.  

Bring a high level of security 

Powder coated fences and railings are capable of ensuring higher security than conventional ones. When combining iron materials with tempered glass material for your fences or railings, a smooth and good-looking surface will let us feel more secure. Besides, the high quality protective coatings also helps avoid breakage, thereby ensuring the safety for your family members. That’s why fences and railings should be powder coated.

Best powder coating service provider for fences and railings?

Ninh Binh DHA is a leading powder coating provider in Vietnam and international markets. The DHA factory is built based on ISO 9001: 2015 standard, equipped with the most advanced powder coating production line imported from Germany. Let’s have a detailed look at our powder coating technology here. We have many years of experience in this industry and specialize in manufacturing steel products such as: railings, iron fences, dog kennels, steel bollards, etc.. Our goal is to provide best quality services to meet customers. Hope the article can help you find a qualified and trustable direction, and don’t forget to follow us to get more useful information in the future.

For further consultancy or quotes, contact us by Phone: 0869651843

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