How to repair damaged powder coating?

If you are finding ways to repair damaged powder coating, Don’t miss this article as it will help provide much-needed information for you to know what problem you are facing and how to solve it.

Some common damage issues of powder coating

1/ Fading

After a long period of time, the powder coating finish on the metal surface cannot avoid fading no matter how high quality the powder coating is. As a result of corrosion and oxidation, the film of powder coating finish becomes 2-3µm thinner.

By rubbing, the top surface is removed and the new paint is revealed with its original color. However, if the coating was originally a matte finish, it will now be polished to a glossy finish.

2/ Scratches or stains

Scratches can be more than 2-3 microns deep. In this case, an emery powder can be used to completely remove the powder coating down below the scratches. Besides, using sandpaper can speed up the process (800 to 400 grit), but this requires using emery powder totally to remove minor scratches caused by sandpaper.

3/ Peeling

Peeling occurs when applying the previous powder coating, the metal surfaces are not completely cleaned. To fix this, it is necessary to scrub the surface with sandpaper to remove intractable chipped powder coating.

Another reason may be that the product has not been sufficiently dried, causing the paint to not penetrate deeply into the surface, creating loose flakes of rust.

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How to prepare for the repair of damaged powder coating?

1/ Clean the surface

The paint layer needs to be cleaned before the overcoating phase. Pay attention to thoroughly washing the stains, and drying them. If solvents are needed to remove stains, use a soft cloth soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA alcohol). Do not use solvents containing esters, ketones, or chlorinated solvents without consulting the paint manufacturer, as they are too strong and will melt the paint. It is advisable to test on a small area first.

2/ Prepare aerosol (ask experts for instructions)

Spray 3 coats lightly and allow to dry after each application. Once a new coat of paint has been applied to the surface, thicker layers can be applied. Stay calm and wait for two minutes. Manage the spray to not get closer than 150 mm. Continuously move when spraying aerosols and keep the same distance from the workpiece. Swipe gently from side to side, covering the damaged area.

3/ Primer

Primer is necessary to create a thick coating on a damaged area to enhance protection. Once the old chipped powder coating layer has been sanded down, remove dust, apply a light coat of paint/primer and let dry. This is important preparation. Continue to lightly sand and apply light layers of primer, until damaged areas are gone. If applied properly, at this stage all signs of physical damages can be gone.

4/ Patience

On sunny days, if the paint has dried before applying the next layer, it can be rubbed after 30 minutes. If the paint starts to clump or drag, let it dry for a while. Next, it is recommended to use a scrubbing method that smooths the surface, which can take another hour. It takes patience to get a quality result. (The thinner the powder coating is, the faster it will dry.)

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