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Buy Vietnam iron fences
Ninh Binh DHA high quality iron fences

Iron fences are very popular and widely used in civil and public constructions, especially in industrial zones. They look simple, modern, sustainable, and aesthetic. Ninh Binh DHA is proud to be a professional manufacturer providing high quality iron fences, at an affordable price, a good warranty policy. We are one of the best iron fence exporters in Vietnam, with our factory equipped with the best advanced automatic production lines imported from Germany. Most importantly,  we always make our best efforts to meet all strict customers’ requirements. 

We believe that good quality and great service is the key to making our customers satisfied, as we always receive high ratings from our customers. Let’s get to know more about our iron fence in this article.

High quality iron fence

As a professional iron fence, gate, and railing manufacturer, we ensure the full criteria of quality, design, and price to be able to compete with other manufacturers Thanks to setting off our advantages, our products have been exported in many fastidious markets in the world such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Our fences are made from high grade materials

To be able to guarantee 100% iron fence quality, we use top materials from leading reputable steel suppliers in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat and Hoa Sen. Materials definitely determine the bearing strength of the structure as well as the resistance to corrosion and rust of the iron fence. For many small units, they choose low quality materials to reduce input costs, but in the long run, this will damage the reputation of investors and contractors because the product will quickly degrade, be easy to warp, rust. 

We apply high class powder coating for iron fence

Most iron fence products are installed outdoors, subject to the effects of weather such as sun, rain, acid rain, ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the surface treatment process and paint layer are the biggest factors determining the durability of the product. At DHA, we apply the most modern powder coating technology today, an extremely meticulous processing process to ensure the best product quality.

  • Nano-ceramic surface treatment technology
  • Passed the highest salt spray test 1500 hours
  • Multi-layer product surface protection: galvanized + nanoceramic + primer + powder coating
  • The painted surface is durable, anti-peeling, anti-fading, UV resistant
  • Lead-free, friendly to the environment and human
  • Warranty for powder coating: up to 10 years 

Synchronized production

Thanks to our advanced automatic production lines, we can offer customers mass production, and perfectly beautiful uniform iron fences:

  • The cutting, punching, and punching stages are all done by CNC machines to ensure high accuracy
  • Products with high accuracy in size and specifications
  • 100% no defects, no warping, no distortion
  • 100% of welds are made by robots to ensure the highest strength, uniformity, and aesthetics
  • Strict product inspection and acceptance at each stage

Good warranty policy: up to 10 years

All iron fences manufactured and constructed by DHA are committed to have a warranty period of up to 10 years

Good prices for DHA iron fences 

Many customers will think that such well-processed iron fences will certainly be much more expensive than common products on the market. But no, that’s not at all true for DHA. In small production units, the work is done mainly manually, leading to low labor productivity, high labor costs, high prices, but still does not guarantee the quality and warranty for customers. With DHA, thanks to the application of automation technology in production, large-scale factory, and professional processes, we have a production capacity 20 – 30 times higher than an average production facility, helping to reduce costs. iron fence (or other products) is only lower or equal to the market, but in return, customers get a product of much higher quality, long warranty.

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If you are interested in our high quality iron fences, feel free to contact us for more information and a quote via Email: or Hotline: 0936299611 (Ms. Vũ Anh)

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