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Iron railing is an integral part of any constructions. It not only shows the entire architectural style of a building but also expresses the characteristics of the owner. If you are struggling to find a professional iron railing manufacturer and exporter, congratulations, Ninh Binh DHA can commit to serving you everything you need, from our best quality products to our amazing service. Let’s give a chance to see how we stand out from others.

High quality iron railings
High quality iron railings

1. Portrait of a bad iron railing provider you should avoid 

An unprofessional iron railing supplier usually has small to medium-sized processing workshops, mostly produced manually. This leads to imperfect products, no guarantee of quality, production process or inspection. Numerous consequences may happen to your products such as:

  • The product is peeled and rusted after a short time 
  • The welds are rusted, especially unpainted welds or fittings 
  • The coating of the railing quickly fades because of low quality paint, using indoor paint for outdoor products.
  • Imperfect welds, railing is warped, lack of aesthetics
  • Short warranty period (usually less than 1 year or 2 years)
  • Unprofessional, irresponsible warranty service

2. The leading manufacturer of high class iron railing in Vietnam

Leading in the field of security products such as iron railings, iron fences, louver and so on, Ninh Binh DHA Joint Stock Company (DHA) has built a factory system with a scale of 43,000 m2 to not only serve the domestic market but also become a reputable exporter to many demanding markets such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada. As an experienced exporter, DHA can meet many strict requirements on product quality at a competitive price with suppliers from China.

We recognize that the demand for prime iron railings is highly growing in both domestic and foreign markets. We are always stepping up our greatest efforts to manufacture brilliant products at the best price. Nowadays, the market price for iron railings seems quite expensive so many cannot afford it. The main reason for this may be manual production leads to low productivity and high cost. Therefore, we are determined to apply the most advanced automatic machines to bring high quality iron railing products to customers from all over the world at a very good price. 

High class iron railings
High class iron railings

3. Why are DHA iron railing unbeatable?

High quality steel material

Yes, the name iron railing is common, however, railings are actually made from steel.At  DHA, materials for production are high grade steel tubes from leading prestigious steel brands in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat, Hoa Sen and so on. On the contrary, many units use poor quality steel to help reduce product costs. As a result, the product will have poor bearing capacity, easy to rust and destroy from the inside.

Strong and durable powder coating 

DHA iron railings are protected by multiple protective layers: Pre-galvanizing, Nano-ceramic, Primer, and Powder coating that meet ASTM-B117 standard. Even more important, our high-grade  powder coating is lead-free, environmentally and human-friendly, and passes the 1500 hours salt spray test (highest grade). Those are the most prominent advantages that make up a durable and aesthetic paint for DHA products. Compared with DHA‘s products, conventional products are used with poor quality oil or powder coating, causing many projects to peel off paint and rust in less than 1 year. This not only affects the lifetime customers’ products but also reduces the reputation of contractors and investors in the eyes of customers.

Multiple protective layers of iron railings
Multiple protective layers of iron railings

Warranty for iron railing up to 10 years

We commit customers to a warranty period of up to 10 years. This will help increase durability and appearance of your iron railing and also save you a lot of money. With the most professional service, we guarantee to make you satisfied when choosing to cooperate with DHA.

4. How we offer quotation for powder-coated iron railing

First, we have all kinds of iron railings at all quality levels to provide you, equivalent with many ranges of price. Second, to quote you the products of iron railing or iron fence, we cannot give an exact number as the price depends on the market price of steel which is very volatile. However, we are committed to offering a competitive price compared to others along with professional and dedicated warranty service up to 3-5 years. More importantly, a warranty of up to 10 years is for important and high-class projects at an extremely good price. Since we have our close partners, we get better material prices, our iron railings and fences are cheaper than others’ and therefore, we can offer customers the best reasonable prices. Please contact via email: or hotline: 0936299611 for the fastest quote.

5.  Production progress for iron railing

Fast and efficient production process is always NInh Binh DHA‘s confidence. Our factory is located on an area of 41.000 m2  at Khanh Phu Industrial Zone – Ninh Binh Province, built according to ISO 9001:2015. As a modern  and  eco-friendly  factory,  using  advanced  technologies  and  updated  production  lines  imported  from  EU  and  G7 countries such  as robotic welding system, automated powder coating system, CNC cutting, bending, stamping machines, etc. that help our production capacity reach 7200 tons monthly. 

6. Available most beautiful iron railing samples and customize for customers

In general, there are many types of iron railings used in a construction project: balconies, loggias, stairs, lobby railings, pedestrian walkway railings, and walkway railings for the disabled. Ninh Binh DHA provides a variety of styles from simple modern to neoclassical and classic. They all have one thing in common: they are manufactured on modern, durable and aesthetic lines. What’s more, DHA is an ODM and OEM company. We have a talented and experienced design team to consult and customize products to meet all customers’ requirements. Here are some beautiful iron railing samples that we recommend you to include in your project.

Beautiful iron railing models - Ninh Binh DHA
Beautiful iron railing models – Ninh Binh DHA
Beautiful iron railing models - Ninh Binh DHA
Beautiful iron railing models – Ninh Binh DHA

7. DHA iron railings and fences production line

DHA‘s production system, which is located in Khanh Phu Industrial zone, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh province, is convenient for transportation with economic regions throughout the country. DHA‘s factory is equipped with the world’s leading modern machines and production lines which help the end-products have a high degree of perfection and uniformity.

CNC cutting and punching machine for iron railing

CNC cutting and punching machines greatly increase production productivity. In particular, these CNC machines have an accuracy of millimeters, making iron railing produced extremely accurate in size and ensuring the aesthetics of all cuts and holes.

CNC cutting and punching machine - Ninh Binh DHA
CNC cutting and punching machine – Ninh Binh DHA

Automatic high-grade powder coating system for iron railing

It can be said that the durability of iron railing products depends mostly on the surface pretreatment process and the finishing powder coating. At DHA, we pay great attention to this stage so that DHA’s products can be warranted for up to 10 years. DHA’s powder coating line has a total load line length of more than 400 meters with an automatic spray booth system that helps to achieve a capacity of 40 tons of handrails/day (5 – 10 times more productive than a normal manual painting line).

Automatic high-grade powder coating system
Automatic high-grade powder coating system

Robotic welding system for iron railing

Our robotic welding system helps the welds of iron railings and fences achieve the highest strength, good aesthetics, and 5-7 times higher productivity than a skilled craftsman. This helps ensure that DHA‘s supply capacity is always over-the-top of the iron railing market.

Robotic welding system
Robotic welding system

Packing and delivery for iron railing

Our iron railings are in standard packaging and shipped to all over the world. Furthermore, we can pack goods according to customers’ requirements to ensure products’ appearance and performance remain the same when they come to customers hands. 

Regarding delivery, we have professional import-export staff that can handle unexpected situations quickly. Plus, we get on well with numerous shipping companies that can offer the cheapest charges. Goods delivered to customers are guaranteed to be safe, adequate, at the shortest time and cheapest price.

Packing and delivery
Packing and delivery


Consequently, Ninh Binh DHA always provides you high-quality iron railing, fences and gate products, with best price, great service and on-time delivery. Hopefully you have found a good iron railing supplier after reading this article. We are Ninh Binh DHA Joint Stock Company, a professional manufacturer and exporter of steel products such as iron railings, fences, bollards, barriers, kennels, steel tube. We are always looking for long-term quality cooperation with dear customers. Customer satisfaction is our top happiness!

Freely contact us now to get a quote: – Hotline: 0936299611 (Ms. Vu Anh – Deputy General Director)

Let’s visit our showroom at Gieng Sen area, La Khe ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, Vietnam, or our factory at Khanh Phu Industrial zone,Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam to explore our numerous ranges of high quality products and have further discussion for cooperation!!

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