Welcome to DHA Ninh Bình

Welcome the delegation from the United States to Ninh Bình DHA factory

Ninh Binh DHA Joint Stock Company formerly specializes in the field of steel equipments import and export. Recognizing the rising domestic and international demands for manufatured steel products, Ninh Binh DHA’s BOD had decided to invest in our on production lines. We operate on the core basics of offering high-quality, providing the best quality of services and creating values that exceed our clients expectation.

As a leading manufacturer of steel products in Viet Nam, Ninh Binh DHA always strive to develop our production, by advancing our capabilities and pushing our boundaries. Our team of dynamic, hardworking perfectionists always uphold the highest standard products and services quality in this country. Our words are testified by trust and respect our clients have for the values we stand for whenever business is conducted with DHA Ninh Binh.

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