Easy Steps to Restore Your Rusty Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and greater protection to your home.  However, as time goes on, rust will accumulate on the fence and ruin it’s appearance as well as durability. If left unaddressed, the rust can severely damage the fence, causing the fence post to break or bend. Therefore, be sure to perform regular maintenance to keep your fence rust-free.

The following steps will help restore your rusty wrought iron fence:

Remove Rust and Old Paint

Remove rust manually either using a sandblaster or rust remover. Remove the existing paint rather than repainting it to help the new paint stick well.

Neutralize Rust

The key to restoring your wrought iron fence is to remove all the rust as much as possible. Use chemical rust neutralizers or a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar (half each) to rustproof the metal.

Prepare Your Fence for Painting

Paint your fence with a rust-inhibiting primer as it will act as a base coat and seal the metal from moisture and corrosion, preventing rust formation. Mix the paint conditioner and primer to make the paint surface smoother and well-prepared for an even coat of paint.

Paint Your Fence

Paint your fence with rust-inhibiting paint. Apply two thick coats of primer and rustproofing paint to protect your fence from outside elements.

Maintain Your Fence

Regularly maintaining your wrought iron fence is essential to ensure its durability and aesthetics. Check your fence paint regularly to identify any signs of peeling, cracking, or any other rusting signs which need to be fixed immediately. Doing so will prevent your fence from breaking or bending.

If any loose or bend fence post is detected during an inspection, do not forcefully make it straight as this will weaken it and damage other good fence posts. Use quick-drying cement to jam the rusted fence post. You can also oil or grease gate hinges to prevent them from sticking or collecting moisture that leads to rust formation.

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