Tips to Keep Your New Metal Fence Looking Beautiful

Once you have your new fence in place, you want to make sure it looks its best for many years to come. Metal fences are not indestructible. For all of their strength and durability, they do have weaknesses. Once you understand what can damage a fence, it becomes easier to protect it and keep it looking beautiful.

Here are some tips to keep your new metal fence looking beautiful:

Clear Away Debris

Clear away any trash or lawn debris that accumulates near the base of the fence. The longer debris remains in place, the more moisture it can collect. This can lead to rust and soil erosion that will loosen the ground where the posts have been buried.

Remove Rust as It Appears

Remove rust as it appears. Chain link fences or those made with galvanized metal won’t rust. Wrought iron fences, however, will start to rust or deteriorate. Remove rust as it appears using a wire brush and promptly apply oil or wax until you can paint the area with a rust proof paint.

Clean the Fence Regularly

To protect your fence from airborne or chemical contaminants, rinse the fence regularly and wash it with a low suds soap every couple of months. This prevents any paint damaging chemicals from building up.

Apply a Protective Coating

Metal grade wax makes an excellent protective coating that will keep fences from rusting. Make sure to apply the wax in the crevices and joints where moisture can accumulate.

Maintain Landscaped Areas

Always maintain landscaped areas. Keep the bushes and plants trimmed and away from the fencing. Remove dead or dying brush and debris and keep leaves and twigs from collecting around the base of the fence

Be Cautious When Planting Vines

Planting vines or other types of trees to protect your wrought iron fence is not always beneficial, so make sure you consult with your contractor about what is best for your fence. Plants contain moisture and can trap dirt and debris in their leaves which ends up warping or bending the fence. Certain plants may work as fence coverage.

Inspect It Periodically

You need to inspect your fence thoroughly at least once a year. However, more frequent inspection is required if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. This inspection helps you discover flaws early and fix them beforehand.

Avoid Getting the Fence Wet

Regular exposure to water may reduce the quality of the fence as it leads to corrosion. Sprinklers are the most common ways in which you wet your fence unknowingly. Stay wary while using sprinklers.

Repaint The Fence

If you have got your previous coating scrubbed, you should paint those spots to protect them from oxygen and moisture, which cause rust. Ensure that the fence is coated evenly and has completely covered the fence.

Gate Maintenance When Necessary

Inspect your gate hinges at regular intervals and make sure to replace them annually. Proper lubrication is required for hinges care. If you skip this activity, it will dry out and keep on making an annoying squeaking sound every time you open or close the gate.

Repair and Maintenance Can Increase Its Lifespan

Keeping an eye on your fence is a good practice for increasing its lifespan. Sometimes effortless practices can lead to massive changes like touch-up paint, washing it with detergent water, and removing dust on a regular basis. When the rust is allowed to expand, it can degrade the fenceโ€™s functionality in such a way that it becomes irreparable.

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