3 Factors to Decide the Right Fence Height for Your Property

Security and privacy are important issues for many families and households that need to be addressed when considering the proper height of a fence.

The height of your fence is mostly dependent on its purpose. If the fence is decorative, the height of the fence is not really a big issue. However, if you would like more privacy then you need to look at getting a taller fence.

In order to determine the correct fence height, consider some of these factors:


Most cities have certain fencing bylaws that explain the maximum height you can have for a fence. Every city has slight variations in height and location restriction. It might be a good idea to check with your local government and find out more information about fence height restrictions.

Location of Your House

If you have a house at the corner of a street, some cities may require that you keep the maximum height of your fence to less than a meter on either side so that it does not obstruct the view for vehicles. If your house is near a highway, perhaps you can increase the height of your fence. Houses near a commercial/industrial zone may also alter their fence height.


The pricing of these fences is very competitive. Many suppliers offer convenient payment options. This is a great option for people who want a higher fence. If you have a fence that is above the height restrictions, you may be able to apply for a variance permit. This will allow you to keep a fence that is higher than the height restriction.

Fences for Front Yards

A front yard fence is usually installed to enhance the curb appeal of the house, separate driveways and side yards, keep pedestrians off the grass, or as a part of the landscaping.   Fences that are too tall will block the view for both outsiders and homeowners. So, make sure to adjust the height of your front yard’s fence to compliment your home’s appeal.

Fences for Backyards

Backyards are where families relax, dine together, let their kids play, and allow pets to roam freely.  So, a taller fence will prevent intruders, trespassers, and stray animals from entering while ensuring safety, privacy, and peace of mind.

Fences for Swimming Pools

A specific fence height is required for pools, which varies according to your location. Generally, you might have to build a taller fence depending on factors, like your pool’s depth and personal preference, to prevent wandering children or unwelcome guests. Having a tall, strong fence will prevent strangers from entering your property and falling into your swimming pool, protecting you from liability claims.

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