Outdoor Dog Kennels: Advantages And Choosing The One For You

Every dog regardless of size or age craves fresh air and sunshine, but just letting them off the leash or out into your open garden might not be the best idea for some. Keeping your beloved pooch safe should always be your first priority, and kennels and dog pens for outside are the best way of ensuring this.

Perhaps, you want to be able to leave them out in the garden and know they’re safe while you nip to the shops? we are certain measure of protection from the outside world by keeping your dog enclosed in the garden, however some big athletic dogs may see the fence as a fun challenge!

So, what are your options for keeping your dog safe?

Six Advantages Of Outdoor Kennels

So you’ve had a serious think about getting an outdoor kennel but you’re still not sure of the benefits? Here are a few advantages that our customers seem to enjoy.

1) Kennels Keep Your Garden Looking Good

Dogs are typically territorial, which is why giving them their own space like this normally goes over well with the dog. This will also keep them preoccupied, stopping them being mischievous and ripping up the rest of the garden!

2) Keeps Your Home Safe From Damage

If your dog is young or has separation anxiety, then they may start to chew up or scratch items from around the house when alone or bored. This might include the odd toilet paper or the latest best selling book you’re reading, but it can turn costly when they’re targeting your sofa or walls.

3) Kennels Aid With Toilet Training

If your pet becomes used to living/being in their dog house, then they over time associate this with the toilet. As they are generally living outside they will ‘do their business’ out there too and will link the outdoors with going to the toilet. Having an outdoor dog kennel should help you to toilet train your dog and also help your dog to enjoy being outside and want to do their business there.

4) Mental Stimulation And Excess Energy

Dogs love being outdoors! When your dog is outside they use up all of their expendable energy, meaning they’re less likely to keep you up at 11pm for ‘playtime’. The most exhausting exercise for a dog is mental, although a huge 20-mile hike will do a great job burning off some of that energy. The mental stimulation of being outdoors regularly will also help to control this. Outdoor kennels allow this visual stimulation and aid in calming and reducing excess energy.

5) Kennels Can Help With Training

Investing in a dog kennel can also help train your dog. An outdoor dog kennel can be used as a time out space to manage behaviour. You want your dog to enjoy being in their kennel, so rather than treating it like a punishment, teach them that when they’re inside the kennel it means they need to chill out and relax.

6) Safety And Security

A kennel acts much like a bedroom for your dog – it’s their own place to stay and becomes their own place. It’s essentially a place where they can go to get away from things (The children mainly!), they can then sleep, play or just rest in private without a commotion. A kennel also keeps your dog safe from your belongings and your belongings safely tucked away from the dog. If the dog is in his/her kennel then it is much harder for them to make the impulse decision to eat your sofa cushions.

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