Where Should You Put Your Dog’s Kennel?

The placement of your kennel, whether temporary or permanent, is important to ensure your dog is comfortable, happy and secure!

Temporary And Portable Dog Kennels

  • Temporary kennels without floors should be placed somewhere away from water and on a level surface so that any rainwater doesn’t collect or make the ground in and around the kennel  making it soggy and unstable.
  • Due to temporary kennels not having a roof, it’s important to keep the kennel and your dog out of direct sunlight.

Permanent Dog Kennels

  • The placement of a permanent kennel is perhaps even more important. It will be where your dog sleeps and spends their time when not around you. Avoid putting the kennel against/near your house. If you do this, you’ll hear every bark and smell every smell.
  •  Situating the kennel under trees is also a bad idea as falling branches and debris can damage the roofing and potentially injure your dog.
  • The best place you can establish your outdoor dog kennel might be up against a garage or stable outdoor structure, meaning if you have a particularly destructive dog they will be unable to dig out or create a hole in the back of the kennel!
Keep your dog in a safe place

Our Top Tip: Ensure you check the dog kennel thoroughly when cleaning to spot any warning signs of attempted escapes such holes or scratch marks!

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