Iron railing and glass railing, which is the right choice?

Iron railing is widely used by customers
Iron railing is widely used by customers

When choosing railing materials, each person will have different requirements in terms of designs, features, and price. Choosing the type of railing that suits the project and cost aspect is essential. So, a lot of you may wonder: between iron railing and glass railing, which one is more suitable for me? What are each one’ s advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out below.

Iron railings are popular with many customers

Iron railing and glass railing, which one will make you satisfied?

Materials used for railings are quite diverse. However, railings made of wrought iron and made of glass are prominently more popular. Each type yet has its own advantages and drawbacks. The point is you should find out whether the material’ performance can meet your requirements or not.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass railings?

Tempered glass railing is also popularly used
Glass railing is also popularly used

In recent years, tempered glass railings have become increasingly used. Tempered glass material is highly appreciated in terms of aesthetics, and it is suitable for modern and minimalist architecture. The biggest advantage of glass railings is to create a feeling of a more expanding and opening space. However, its disadvantage is that the price is too high, and when impacted by a great force, the glass will surely break, causing danger to users.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of iron railings?

It has been a trend so far that iron railings are always the No.1 choice of many people. This is considered an extremely optimal material, with the characteristics of being strong, durable and beautiful. Iron railings are capable of meeting all standards and requirements from customers. For example, they are elastic and tensile, therefore can be teased into flexible ornamental designs. Coated iron railings have unlimited colors, and optional textures and price. However, over a period of time, iron railing will rust, and be easily oxidized under the effects of weather agents, therefore reducing aesthetics. But you don’t need to be too worried about it, this problem can be solved by electrostatic painting, also known as powder coating, which is anti-rust, anti-corrosive and eco-friendly. Your powder coated railings should be gorgeous, sustainable and built to last.

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Iron railing is a completely great choice

Iron railing has diverse designs and styles
Iron raling has diverse designs and styles

It is totally wrong that many people think iron railings have only a molded form, look monotonous and boring. With outstanding processing technology, the railing has been given a new look, becoming a trend in the architectural field.

Iron railings have custom designs

A stand-out strength of iron railing is it can be shaped in various designs, easy to process according to customer requirements It brings high aesthetics with a number of  styles, from minimalist but elegant ones to those with many patterns, fussy and stylized. That is why iron railing can be combined with all architectural projects at all quality levels, from popular to luxurious, such as schools, apartments, villas or townhouses, etc.

Iron railings are safe and secure

Iron railing brings high aesthetics and security
Iron railing brings high aesthetics and security

Another plus point of iron railing is that its incredible capacity of securing you from burglars. Iron is solid, sturdy and rarely affected by external forces. Thanks to this feature, iron railing is a terrible deterrent to prevent intruders as burglars will feel less likely that they can destroy or overcome.

Long life and reasonable cost

In addition to being hard and strong, iron railing is also enhanced in durability when it is meticulously surfaced, and then covered with electrostatic powder coating which is anti-corrosive, anti-UV, and limits adverse effects from the environmental conditions. Besides, iron railing is definitely affordable with reasonable prices, therefore choosing in iron railings is undoubtedly a wise investment. Compared with tempered glass railing, iron railing is much cheaper, more optimal and more competitive.

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