6 Tips for choosing a quality powder coating company

Ninh Binh DHA - quality powder coating company
Ninh Binh DHA – quality powder coating company

The number of powder coating companies has been increasing faster than ever as a result of the increasing demand of the market. The powder coating technologies develop quickly and not all companies can equip modern machines. Also, the requirements for quality and professionalism are also increasing. How to choose a quality powder coating company? Ninh Binh DHA will recommend you 6 things to consider to find the right direction.

1. Powder coating companies with high prestige

To avoid the risk of encountering poor quality powder coating services, you should look for powder coating directions having a good reputation and nice feedback in the market. Surely they have been verified by many customers so you can rest assured when choosing them.

2. Professional image and clear contact information 

Nowadays, building a professional brand image on social channels is extremely crucial, as customers now tend to find products or services on the internet. The way companies establish their image definitely tells their ways of working and operation. A quality image of a powder coating company should show:

  • Real pictures of the factories, workers, equipment, and powder coating machines.
  • Real pictures of their powder-coated products, or packaging, production process.
  • Real company direction and real business name registered.

In fact, those having facilities in bad conditions or poor equipment are less likely to show pictures of them on their websites or fanpages. Instead, they tend to upload general pictures available on the internet to describe their products. That’s why a powder coating company with quality content is more trustworthy than others. 

Ninh Binh DHA factory covers 13000 m3
Ninh Binh DHA factory covers 13000 m3

3. Ability to meet your requirements

You should determine what kinds of powder coating services best suit your products. Powder coating companies equipped with modern automatic coating lines will be suitable for products that are highly modular, with a shape that is not too angular or hidden, for example, products in the form of plates, and bars

For products with complex shapes that require a lot of manual manipulation, you should look to manual powder coating services. These products are not efficiently treated on automated lines for mass production. Manual electrostatic painting workshops can paint products with complex angles, but do not require high performance, surface pretreatment, and a warranty period.

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4. Convenient for transportation, loading, and unloading

For convenience and to save loading time and costs of labor and transportation, you should choose a powder coating company that has favorable warehouse systems, and integrated machinery for packaging, especially the convenient route to move.

5. High commitment to service quality 

You should work with a powder coating company that has a commercial contract with clear terms agreed by two parties such as unit price, quality commitment, type of coating powder, warranty period, delivery time, etc. In addition, you should also ask to review the powder coating company’s certificates for the quality and durability of powder coating if any. Establishing a detailed contract will help you avoid getting troubles and arguments between the two parties.

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6. Good warranty policy

The warranty period is an aspect to prove if a powder coating service is qualified or not. Many customers may ignore or forget this when looking for powder coating services. For products that do not require high quality, the paint layer should be warranted for 2-3 years. Advanced products that meet international standards will have a required warranty period of up to 15 years.

Powder coating service at Ninh Binh DHA

Ninh Binh DHA is one of the leading high-quality powder coating service providers in the market. Our factory covers13,000 m2 on a total scale of 41,000 m2 in Khanh Phu Industrial Park, Ninh Binh. The factory is equipped with a modern automatic powder coating production line with the application of Nano-ceramic technology in pre-treatment and powder spray stages. We have a lot of experience in exporting goods to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and implementing big construction projects in Vietnam. Coming to DHA, you will be served professionally and enthusiastically at extremely competitive prices.

Contact us via Phone: 0869651843

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